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Companies Leading the Movement

Fitwel Champion: The Tower Companies Photo Courtesy of The Tower Companies

Fitwel Champions are those companies that have committed to use Fitwel at a portfolio scale. Fitwel streamlines the process for efficient application throughout a portfolio, by focusing on parallels in the design and operations of buildings.

Fitwel Champions Program

Companies can become a Champion by committing to apply Fitwel to six or more projects within a 12-month period. Contact us to join other pioneers on employing this transformative approach to health and wellbeing.

As a Fitwel Champion, you will receive valuable benefits including:

  • A reduced certification rate;
  • On-call assistance from Fitwel’s team of dedicated account managers;
  • A targeted training for Champion staff;
  • Exclusive updates and access to Fitwel materials, including new scorecards, and Reference Guides
  • One complimentary Ambassador course for each project committed to Fitwel; and
  • Opportunity to join a Fitwel Advisory Council;

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Current Champions

Perkins and Will

Solidifying its commitment to evidence-based, healthier workplace design, global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will was the first company to pursue—with the intent to achieve—Fitwel certification for all of its North American offices. Perkins+Will has committed to certify all of their North American offices over the next two years.

Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer, a founding member of Fitwel's Leadership Advisory Board is a leading owner, developer, operator and fund manager of first-class real estate around the world will certify its buildings in the United States and introduce Fitwel to new markets in China, Brazil, India, Germany and France. With over 250,000 people working in its buildings, Tishman Speyer is uniquely positioned to apply Fitwel to all its properties around the world.


Cityview is a premier investment management and development firm that is dedicated to redefining urban living in high growth markets across the Western United States. Cityview takes a unique holistic approach to uncovering and tapping into the ideal urban way of life.  As a Fitwel Champion, Cityview shares Fitwel’s commitment to health and wellness for our residents. Cityview’s CEO, Sean Burton remarks that, “From the beginning, we’ve incorporated meaningful sustainable and wellness measures we believe will have a positive impact on our residents and the community. We take pride in it.  Remaining environmentally and health conscious from start to finish is an integral component of our mission.”

The Tower Companies

The Tower Companies, a Washington, D.C.-based real estate developer and recognized sustainability leader, is the first Mid-Atlantic only developer, owner, and operator with a portfolio including both multifamily residential and commercial office properties to commit as a Fitwel Champion. Tower is pursuing Fitwel certifications across their portfolio with a goal to enrich the lives of their occupants, connect them to thriving communities, and create positive social change.


BentallGreenOak, a Sun Life Investment Management company, is one of the largest global real estate investment advisors and one of North America's foremost providers of real estate services. As a Fitwel Champion, BentallGreenOak is committed to helping our tenants and residents advance their health and well-being goals.

Boston Properties

Boston Properties (NYSE: BXP) is one of the largest publicly-traded developers, owners and managers of Class A office properties in the United States, concentrated in five markets -  Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. The Company is a fully integrated real estate company, organized as a real estate investment trust (REIT), that develops, manages, operates, acquires and owns a diverse portfolio of primarily Class A office space.  The Company’s portfolio totals 52.7 million square feet and 200 properties, including fourteen properties under construction and 20 million square feet of green buildings certified at the highest LEED Gold and LEED Platinum levels. Boston Properties is committed to providing the highest quality space for their customers, the ‘lives inside’ their buildings. The Company is leveraging Fitwel to support healthy building design and operational practices at six properties totaling 6 million gross square feet.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc, is the first and only real estate investment trust (REIT) to be named “First-in-Class Fitwel Champion,” and is the first company to have received Fitwel certifications. To date, Alexandria has earned five Fitwel 3 Star Ratings, demonstrating promotion of the highest levels of occupant health and wellness at four of its campuses.

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield is a global real estate company managing over 3.5 billion square feet. Cushman & Wakefield is committed to making a difference in the communities where their people and clients work and live through healthy living and the promotion of well-being for their clients and firm.

Verdani Partners

Verdani Partners is a leading full-service sustainability consulting firm with 100 years of combined experience in sustainable real estate. Verdani specializes in green building certifications, corporate sustainability, technical services and education programs, which in turn support their mission to empower organizations with cost-effective strategies to create sustainable buildings and communities. Verdani currently manages over 320 million square feet for some of the country’s leading REIT’s, totaling approximately 138 billion in asset value. In May 2018, Verdani achieved its first Fitwel certification, and continues to pursue additional certifications for both multifamily residential and office projects.


Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and development companies, and has a longstanding commitment to building a more sustainable future for their customers and communities. Skanska develops high-quality, energy efficient, innovative buildings that are designed to deliver exceptional performance as well as create spaces that enable the people who live and work there to thrive. Skanska is committed to creating buildings that are environmentally sustainable, activate and inspire local communities, and enhance health & wellness for building occupants. Utilizing the Fitwel standard at scale brings a more structured approach to incorporating health & wellness into their development projects. Applying the Fitwel standard early in project design enables Skanska to identify key aspects of building design and operation that positively impact human health & wellness. Skanska’s current projects pursuing Fitwel certification are located in Boston, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.  

Brandywine Realty Trust

Brandywine Realty Trust is one of the country’s largest full-service integrated real estate companies, with a core focus in the Philadelphia, Austin, and Washington, D.C. markets. The company owns and manages an innovative portfolio of urban and suburban class-A and trophy-class commercial and mixed-use buildings with a commitment to excellence in all areas of the development process resulting in extraordinary work environments for tenants and employees. Brandywine shares Fitwel’s mission of employing best practices that optimize the health and well-being of the tenant experience while evolving to meet the everchanging needs of the future of the workplace. Brandywine has certified over 5.4M square feet of office space in its Philadelphia portfolio, including Cira Centre, 2001 Market Street, 2005 Market Street, 1900 Market Street, 1717 Arch Street, 100 North 18th Street, and 130 North 18th Street.


Goby is the enterprise data platform for commercial real estate. Their AP Automation platform and strategic ESG solutions are driven by refined, validated blue-chip data to reshape business strategies, boost operational efficiencies, and elevate financial performance. As a Fitwel Champion, Goby has committed to assisting clients in their efforts to create healthy working environments for tenants and employees, by achieving Fitwel certifications for a variety of office and residential buildings.

Anthem, Inc.

Anthem Inc., one of the largest health benefits companies in the United States, actively promotes healthy, productive workplaces for their employees. Anthem is using Fitwel to enhance building environments by addressing a broad range of health behaviors and risks. Fitwel is supporting Anthem's efforts to understand where to prioritize future investments that will optimize and support employee health within the workplace. Anthem has committed to certifying a minimum of 3 million square feet of office space in 2018.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC, a federal agency that protects the US from health, safety, and security threats, has applied Fitwel to Building 107, part of its Chamblee campus in Atlanta, and received a 3 Star Fitwel Rating – the top rating available. The CDC will remain Fitwel’s research and evaluation partner moving forward, ensuring that updated versions of the rating system remain true to the scientific evidence available.


QuadReal is a global real estate company with managed assets totaling more than $18 billion, including some of Canada’s most well-known properties. As a Fitwel Champion, QuadReal is committed to using Fitwel to support their efforts to create places that promote wellbeing and productivity for their tenants and residents.


In line with its mission to create better living environments for communities and future generations, internationally recognized integrated design firm Lemay is a proud Fitwel Champion. User well-being is at the heart of Lemay’s distinctive approach that merges architecture, interior design, urban planning and design, landscape architecture, sustainable strategies and structural engineering. The firm’s commitment to design and healthy living environments is further exemplified through their commitment to Fitwel certify their own offices and client projects, as they create sustainable value for users and communities around the world.

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Kilroy Realty Corporation, a real estate investment trust and North American leader in sustainability has 8 Fitwel certified properties in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, totaling approximately 2.5 million square feet of office space and representing 17% of its portfolio. Kilroy intends to both continue pursuing Fitwel certifications for its stabilized buildings that qualify for the certification and to using the Fitwel system as a guide to making health-related improvements in its existing portfolio.

Clark Construction

Clark Construction Group is one of the nation’s most experienced and respected providers of construction services. Ranked as the #2 green builder by ENR since 2014, Clark’s green building portfolio includes $43 billion worth of projects totaling nearly 130 million square feet. As the first general contractor to become a Fitwel Champion, Clark will leverage the Fitwel standard to provide a healthier workplace environment for its employees while also serving as a knowledgeable advisor to its clients based on firsthand experience with the certification system.


Stantec, a leader in the design of sustainable and resilient environments globally, further solidifies their commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of employees and communities through pursuing Fitwel certification for 3 of its own offices (Boston, Denver, and Toronto), to initiate a program which will eventually expand to include more offices as they consolidate, relocate and renovate. Stantec will also advise building and design colleagues and commercial clients about the Fitwel system, including serving on the Fitwel Advisory Council.

The Bozzuto Group

The Bozzuto Group is a leading developer, builder and manager of multifamily and mixed-use apartment communities. Bozzuto creates sanctuary for individuals and believes that the world becomes a better place when they are all at their best delivering extraordinary experiences for those they serve. As such, Bozzuto believes this extends beyond their award-winning service, signature amenity programming and extraordinary apartment homes. Sanctuary is more than four walls and a roof—it is a commitment to well-being of Bozzuto employees and residents alike. As a Fitwel Champion, Bozzuto is moving forward with certification efforts for six properties as well as assisting valued clients in numerous others in progress and beyond.


As a leading global provider of engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services, HDR's employees are the key to its success. HDR has strengthened its commitment to employee health and wellness by becoming a Fitwel Champion. In February 2018, HDR earned its first 3 Star Fitwel certification for their office in Arlington, Virginia. As a Fitwel Champion, HDR has committed to obtaining Fitwel certifications for a minimum of six of their offices, pursuing Fitwel for its new Boston and Seattle offices and new global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, with other locations yet to be determined.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim and its family of companies provide health benefit plans, programs and services to more than 3 million customers in New England and beyond. When discussing Harvard Pilgrim’s wellness initiatives, Cynthia Ring, Chief HR Officer from Harvard Pilgrim commented, “The well-being of our employees is central to our talent management strategy. We can’t achieve our business objectives if we don’t have a healthy, engaged workforce.” As a Fitwel Champion, Harvard Pilgrim will use Fitwel as a guide to providing healthy and productive work environments for their employees.

Legacy Champions

Vornado Realty Trust

Vornado Realty Trust is a fully-integrated equity real estate investment trust, which owns and operates over 30 million square feet of office, retail, and residential space in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. Vornado has pioneered sustainable best practices in real estate, through the creation of synergies among the operators, tenants, and infrastructure of each building. Vornado earned its first 3 Star Fitwel certification together with its tenant, Bloomberg LP, at 731 Lexington Avenue in 2017. As a Fitwel Champion, Vornado incorporates the Fitwel standard into its strategies on redevelopment and operations. Vornado has benchmarked its entire office portfolio through Fitwel and is actively pursuing Fitwel certification at several assets in 2018.

Menkes Developments Ltd

Menkes Developments Ltd is an award-winning, fully integrated real estate company involved in the construction, ownership and management of office, industrial and residential properties. As earlier adopters of Fitwel, Menkes will utilize the standard to implement improvements at its managed office buildings to help promote opportunities for occupants to improve their health and wellbeing.

EYP, Inc.

EYP, a global provider of high-performance building design, research, and consulting services, has committed to using Fitwel’s strategies as a guide for workplace design. EYP’s strong evidence-based design approach and commitment to Fitwel will assist in advancing health-promoting design for workplaces.

Epsten Group

Epsten Group is a global leader in sustainable design, engineering, and consulting services. By committing to use Fitwel within their own offices and client projects, Epsten Group has added health and wellbeing to its suite of expert services, including architecture, commissioning, and environmental sustainability best practices.  Epsten Group looks forward to joining other industry leaders as a Champion company.

Hord Coplan Macht (HCM)

HCM an award-winning architecture firm that practices an integrated approach to design excellence with environmental sustainability, has committed to applying Fitwel to office spaces in Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, and Alexandria, HCM’s commitment will elevate health as a priority within its offices and build capacity and knowledge among its staff.

Integral Group

Integral Group is a global engineering firm delivering green sustainable solutions to buildings and communities with a focus on health and wellness for our staff and clients. To that end, Integral consciously provides a nurturing working environment for its team, and has committed to applying Fitwel to four offices in three countries

AvalonBay Communities

Establishing itself as a vanguard in the healthy building movement, AvalonBay Communities, Inc., a leading equity REIT with a long-term track record of developing, redeveloping, acquiring, and managing distinctive residences, is the first residential-only developer to become a Fitwel Champion and commit to implement Fitwel’s multifamily residential scorecard in their portfolio.

Sentinel RPI

Sentinel is a built-environment sustainability consultancy who has supported the Fitwel certification process since its early stages in addition to the development of Fitwel v2.1. As industry researchers and consultants for Health & Wellbeing in offices in the UK & Europe, Sentinel is committed to the cause of creating user-centric, healthy and positive workspaces. As a Fitwel legacy champion company, Sentinel continues to aid designers, occupiers, FM teams, asset managers, corporate real estate teams and other professionals with the resources and expertise to formulate and meet their Health & Wellbeing goals. Being built-environment professionals, they hope to use their expertise to drive transformation in the real-estate market and help deliver buildings with people, their health, & environmental sustainability as a core area of all design and operational strategies. Sentinel consulted on the workplace awarded the first 3 Star Fitwel Certification in the UK and Europe. Sentinel’s ongoing Fitwel projects include offices in London, Budapest & Dublin.


WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering and professional services consulting firms, with over 37,000 people in more than 500 offices across 40 countries. WSP has expertise ranging from urban planning to engineering iconic buildings to designing sustainable transport networks, and is a market leader in supporting workplace wellness for employees, clients, and surrounding communities. As a Fitwel Champion, WSP has committed to attain Fitwel certification for a portion of their offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.