How does the Fitwel Process Work?

Fitwel Champion: Kilroy Realty Corporation 12100 and 12200 W Olympic Blvd, Photo Courtesy of Kilroy Realty Corporation

Certify Your Entire Portfolio of Real Estate Assets

Receive the following benefits when you become a Fitwel Champion company:

  • A reduced certification rate;
  • On-call assistance from Fitwel’s team of dedicated account managers;
  • A targeted training for Champion staff;
  • Exclusive updates and access to Fitwel materials, including new scorecards, and Reference Guides
  • One complimentary Ambassador course for each project committed to Fitwel; and
  • Opportunity to join a Fitwel Advisory Council;

Companies like yours can become a Champion by committing to apply Fitwel to 6 or more projects within a 12-month period.

Fitwel Champion: WSP Photo Courtesy of WSP, Credit: Alex Hobbs

Certify an Individual Project

Certify an office or multifamily residential property to:

  • Signal to employees, residents, investors, and others that you prioritize wellness within the design, development, and operations of buildings;
  • Integrate the best strategies that science has to offer to optimize health within a building;
  • Ensure that your company is leading the industry on the next frontier of sustainability; and
  • Improve health of your employees or residents as well as the surrounding community
Lendlease Lendlease Chicago Office, Photo Courtesy of Lendlease

Now for the real question. What does all of this cost?

Registration Fee

$500 for access

For a fee of $500, teams are given access to use the Fitwel Portal and have access to Fitwel’s interactive scorecard, benchmarking capability, performance data, and a summary of the project’s areas of strength and opportunity.

Certification Fee

Project Size

As of April 15th, 2019, the certification fee changed so that it is dependent on project size, according to the pricing bands below:

Size Range (square feet)Fee
1,000,000 and beyondcontact us for pricing

Champion Fee

Reduced Rate

Companies looking to step up and commit to apply Fitwel at scale should contact us for a reduced rate.

Certification Process

  1. Register
  2. Evaluate
  3. Benchmark
  4. Submit
  5. Review
  6. Certification

As Little As a 12-Week Project Review Process

The Fitwel Certification Team uses a verified approach to evaluate each project’s certification documentation. Through a double-blind process, two independent reviewers assess each project and then confirm a numerical score. Developed by public health professionals, this method ensures each review is unbiased and consistent.

We guarantee that all Champions and Ambassadors advance through the certification process in 12 weeks, with all other submitted projects undergoing the same process in 16 weeks.

During the project review process you will receive:

  • an initial review with comments from Fitwel;
  • one response to the comments from the project team;
  • a final review from Fitwel; and
  • a numerical score and Star Rating (as applicable) for the project.


Fitwel Certification is valid for three years. Recertification is available at a reduced rate of $500 plus 80% of the prevailing certification rate. Your project can maintain its Fitwel status without lapse by initiating a recertification on the Fitwel Portal at any point within the three years from the date on which the project was awarded its initial certification. After applying for recertification, your project will have one year to complete the recertification process. Projects submitted for recertification will be reviewed under the version of the Fitwel Scorecard that is in place on the date that the project initiates its recertification.