How does the Fitwel Process Work?

Fitwel Champion: Kilroy Realty Corporation

12100 and 12200 W Olympic Blvd, Photo Courtesy of Kilroy Realty Corporation

Certify a Single Project or a Whole Portfolio

Use Fitwel Certification to:
  • Signal to employees, residents, investors, and others that you prioritize wellness within the design, development, and operations of buildings and communities

  • Integrate the best strategies that science has to offer to optimize health within a building or community

  • Ensure that your company is leading the industry on the next frontier of sustainability and adhering to sustainable practices

  • Improve the health of your employees, visitors, or residents as well as the surrounding community


Leandlease Chicago Office, Photo Courtesy of Lendlease

Certification Process

  1. Register
  2. Evaluate
  3. Benchmark
  4. Submit
  5. Review
  6. Certification

As Little As a 12-Week Project Review Process

The Fitwel Certification Team uses a verified approach to evaluate each project's certification documentation. Through a double-blind process, two independent reviewers assess each project and then confirm a numerical score. Developed by public health professionals, this method ensures each review is unbiased and consistent.

We guarantee that all Champions and Ambassadors advance through the certification process in 12 weeks, with all other submitted projects undergoing the same process in 16 weeks.

During the project review process you will receive:

  • an initial review with comments from Fitwel

  • one response to the comments from the project team

  • a final review from Fitwel

  • a numerical score and Star Rating (as applicable) for the project

2022 Submission Deadlines

Certification Approaches for New Construction and Existing Projects

New Construction Certification

This certification approach applies to projects that are currently in the design stage or under construction and consists of two certification types: Design Certification (prior to occupancy) and Built Certification (post occupancy).

Existing Building Certification

This certification approach applies to all occupied projects, including existing or recently completed projects, and consists of one certification type: Built Certification.

Please note: Projects registered on the Platform before June 3rd, 2019 are part of the Existing Building certification and will remain registered on the scorecard version they signed up with. Users who wish to move their project from v2 to v2.1 should contact info@fitwel.org.

Design Certification

Design Certification is available to new construction and major renovation projects once the design of the project is solidified and prior to the project being occupied. Design Certification is valid for three years from the date of certification, at which time the completed project applies for a Built Certification.

Built Certification

Built Certification is available for existing or recently completed projects that are occupied and in use. Built Certification is valid for three years from the time of certification.

Now for the real question. What does all of this cost?

Registration Fee
One-time registration fee of $500 per project*

Registration provides access to the Platform's interactive scorecard, benchmarking capability, and performance data that summarizes a project's areas of strength and opportunity.

Certification Fee

Certification fees are dependent on project size, according to the pricing bands below:

Site Scorecards (Community Site and Commercial and Industrial Site)

Project Size (acres)Certification Fee
First 20 acres$14,000
21-499 acres$14,000 + $100 per acre
500+ acrescontact us for pricing

Building Scorecards (Workplace, Multifamily Residential, Retail, and Senior Housing)

Size Range (square feet)Fee
2,000,000 and beyondcontact us for pricing

Champion Pricing
Reduced Fee

Companies looking to step up and commit to apply Fitwel at scale should contact us for a reduced rate.


Fitwel Certification is valid for three years. Building recertification can be initiated at any time following the initial certification for $500. Projects that submit for recertification within a year following the expiration of their three-year certification period are eligible for 20% off current fees. Any project that submits for recertification after one year from the expiration date is subject to current certification fees.

Your project can maintain its Fitwel status without lapse by initiating recertification at any point within three years from the initial certification award, and by submitting for recertification within one year of the expiration date. Projects that have received a Built Certification and are submitted for recertification will be reviewed under the version of the Fitwel Scorecard that was in place on the date when the project was registered for recertification. Projects that have received a Design Certification will be reviewed under the version of the Fitwel Scorecard in which the original certification was awarded, but also have the option of recertifying under the most up-to-date version

Download the Platform Guide to learn how to start your project's recertification process.

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